Finished parts can quickly be created from your imagination with a sample part, description or sketches 

DAVID Vision Systems structured light scanning and laser scanning system allows me to capture objects with very high resolution for designing around even the most detailed and sensitive items.
I use a variety of software and tools that will get the job done without creating large amounts of overhead for me which means savings for clients. Autonomous CAD uses a no-nonsense approach to every aspect of business, from quote to final product.

why choose autonomous cad

Take your creativity to the next level with 3D Printed prototypes. Autonomous CAD has in-house 3D printing capabilities that will produce sample items that can even be usable when the correct materials are chosen. Ask for a quote for 3D printing and see the difference in lead times and quality.

A big difference that you'll notice when you hire Autonomous CAD is that you will own the CAD files and drawings BEFORE working with a manufacturer. This means that you can shop around to find the best deals on whichever kind of manufacturing you need with YOUR  CAD files and drawings in hand. 

MeshLab is a powerful editing software that I use to manipulate and repair meshes (files from scanned data).

Realistic design services:‚Äč

SKANECT scanning software is used to capture your ideas quickly in 3D. It is provides a low resolution but high efficency scanning alternative.